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I’m an intergenerational environment designer and researcher interested in how we can merge the poetic and the pragmatic. I aspire to make the process for designing accessible intergenerational environments one that is more playful, thoughtful, and intentional to ultimately create places that are enabling and engaging for people of all ages.

design | research | advocacy

— generating, synthesizing, and visualizing concepts, schemes, scenarios, and strategies for enabling and engaging all-age environments
— identifying potential opportunities for the string strategy: strings of public spaces providing physical, social, and experiential access to services and society
— communicating value of age-inclusivity in architecture and urban design; challenging ageist stereotypes to encourage perception shifts
— challenging existing checklists; clarifying where designers have room to play
— collaborating with architects, designers, developers, policymakers, community members, and everyone in between to do all of the above

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